Who is Twotonic?

Folk music's new classic duo, Twotonic, is comprised of Katy Dröge-Macdonald and Steve Macdonald. They have been singing together for more than a decade, bringing the songs they love to audiences on two continents.



Katy was born and raised in North Germany, where people are supposed to be cool, quiet and reasonable just like the weather - but who ever believes a weather report? She has been a lifelong singer, and a nearly lifelong accordion and guitar player (not to mention the occasional recorder, percussion, and bouzouki).

In 1991 she teamed up with Juliane Honisch and began performing as the duo Katy & Yooh, delighting fans in Germany, Canada, the UK and USA. They have produced 5 albums of original material, and have provided backing instruments and vocals for projects by other artists.

In fact, it was at a Katy & Yooh performance in Ohio that she met Steve; and she eventually stole him away from the USA to live and sing together.

Katy also performs with other groups, such as the filk-barbershop quartSteve and Katy laughinget 'Barbership' (which also includes Steve), as well as the Hamburg Oratorio Choir, and the Belcanto Chamber Choir.




A native of Michigan and avowed Apple fanatic, Steve has gotten around quite a bit. Besides his career as a musician, he has been a bus boy, fast food restaurant manager, carpenter, shoe salesman, worked in mortgage collections, and has had a 20 year career in IT.

In the middle there somewhere, he even made pizza for a living- more than once.

From 1981 to 2006, he performed professionally in bars, coffeehouses, restaurants, and Renaissance festivals in the upper Midwest. He released 9 albums as a solo artist (5 of them original material, 4 albums of cover songs) from 1994 to 2006.

In September 2006, he moved to Germany to marry his partner in heart and soul, Katy Dröge. (And for any Americans reading this, yes, it's just as cool as you think it is.)

Steve also continues to perform as a solo artist, but has expanded his range to include groups such as Barbership (also with Katy), the Hamburg Oratorio Choir, and the Belcanto Chamber Choir.

Singing together with Katy is a joy that he finds difficult to express in words; so he supposes you'll have to come see a performance and judge for yourself.




Rowan is a 2008 Taylor 615ce Jumbo guitar. Some have affectionately referred this model as a 'guitar cannon' and Steve can heartily agree that Rowan lives up to that reputation.



Storm is a 2007 Takamine Limited Edition Acoustic/Electric dreadnaught. As part of the Takamine Limited Edition line, only 500 were made worldwide. The rosetta and neck feature artwork by Bob Crelin, and make this guitar a feature of Twotonic's performances.


Other guitars in the Twotonic household are Moira (12-string Alvarez Yairi), Gracey (Takamine LTD 2002), Borealis (Ibanez) and "Katy's old Ibanez Vintage" without a name.