Other musicians we like and/or collaborate with ... choirs we sing in ... places we go ... people we know - that kinda stuff :)


  • Mystic Fig Studios - Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff - fantastic musicians and music producers! This is where we recorded Rowan & Storm.

  • Talis Kimberley - an amazing singer-songwriter and good friend - check out her evocative, beautiful, political and bold songs!

  • Playing Rapunzel - Mich Sampson and Marilisa Valtazanou; an energetic folk duo who share, in powerful harmony, songs of story and myth.

  • Barbership - Barbershop goes filk! The world's first filk barbershop quartet; Steve and Katy sing together with Eva and Rafael Van Daele-Hunt.

  • Hamburger Oratorienchor - our "home choir", Hamburg, Germany's oratorio choir directed by Thekla Jonathal, where we go sing somewhat different things every Monday.

  • Kammerchor Belcanto - Thekla Jonathal's chamber choir

  • FilkCONtinental - Germany's first filk convention that Katy co-chairs with Kirstin Tanger

  • DFDF - Steve had to found a German filk con as well ... together with our friend Sibylle Machat

  • The Dorsai Irregulars - Steve is a member of this amazing crew that goes way back in fandom history.